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Youngest artist chosen for a solo exhibit, Truth Imanu’El Sykes

Youngest artist chosen for a solo exhibit at Award Winning Art Gallery will be celebrated on 10/25/23 for International Artist Day.  

NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ– Award-winning art gallery,  Above Art Studios, is proud to select their youngest artist for a solo exhibit on International Artist Day, Wednesday October 25, 2023.

The exhibition, titled "Truth IS," features over 15 pieces from the young painter and photographer, Truth Imanu'el Sykes.

Truth is also the youngest visual artist to have artwork exhibited as part of the 2023 annual Newark Arts Festival.

“I’ve been observing Truth’s work for the past two years, and I see a bright future for this young man. He is immersed in the art world, has already attended over 15 exhibitions, and has unlimited sources of inspiration, which are becoming apparent in his art style. His artistic choices, and clear passion for creating art, is something that should be celebrated," says Dontae Muse, owner and Art Director of Above Art Studios art gallery.

Join us on October 25, 2023, at 7:00 PM, at Above Art Studio art gallery at 55B Morris St. New Brunswick, NJ. Attendees can RSVP on, as Truth would like to send thank you cards to his guests.


Kaila Boulware Sykes


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